Welcome to Kula Yoga!  Do you need to…

  • Lower stress levels > improve concentration and focus?
  • Reduce pain > increase strength and mobility?
  • Combat fatigue > boost energy levels?
  • Lessen sickness > build the immune system?
  • Improve heath > eliminate toxins and waste?

Or even if you just want to come into class to sweat, stretch and smile, you have come to the right place.

At your new sanctuary you can choose from a range of yoga styles to suits your needs:

Enjoy 38 classes spread over a 7 day week for your convenience. We are the largest yoga studio in the Hawthorn & Camberwell area with plenty of space.

  • All of our studio classes are 60 minutes long, except for ‘Power Plus’ and ‘Yoga & Meditation’ classes which are 75 minutes.
  • All of our classes are led by friendly and approachable certified yoga teachers.

You will practice in a stunning studio space providing an uplifting environment.

  • Benefit from specialised far infrared ray (FIR) heating panels in the large, elevated studio.
  • Enjoy fantastic natural light, wooden flooring, full length mirrors and surround sound system.

You are welcome to access the modern change rooms, showers and bathroom facilities, as well as storage areas for belongings.

Complimentary herbal tea is available before or after class to sip and enjoy.

We are a plastic-bottle-free-zone, so please bring your reusable bottles with you. We have filtered water available to fill them up before class.

We also have a lovely treatment room that offers Osteopathy and Massage services.

Want to know the difference between our Hot classes and the Bikram Yoga sequence? We’ve written a blog post just for you.

Are you ready to detox, tone, stretch & relax? You can book our ‘2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga for just $30’ introductory offer online or arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your first class to register in person.