Class Styles

We offer class styles to suit your mood, needs and experience. All classes cater to all levels, however we recommend a Basics class for those new to yoga – we slow down the poses, there’s no heat, and you will be in a smaller group for more attention from our expert teachers.


  • Basics is perfect for those new to yoga or wanting a slower paced flow class without the heat.
  • We focus on correct alignment and technique to build a strong foundation.
  • Basics will help you strengthen and stretch to stabilise and release the body while calming the mind.
  • Practiced in a regular temperature room in our smaller studio space for more hands on adjustments and personalised attention from the teacher.
  • The class may include simple sun salutations, standing and balancing, seated, twisted and strengthening poses.
  • Catered to all levels however beginners will love the slower pace and extra focus on technique.


  • hotFor our Hot Yoga class we turn the heat up to 35 degrees to detoxify and revitalise.
  • The heat allows the body to open up and find depth in the poses. The sweat cleanses by bringing toxins to the surface of the body.
  • Hot classes will help to lengthen and strengthen muscles, increase focus and balance, and clear the mind.
  • The class incorporates breathing exercises, vinyasa sequences, standing, balancing, seated and twisted poses.
  • Our Hot yoga includes vinyasa flow to build fitness and strength as well as static poses similar to those found in the Bikram sequence.
  • Come to class hydrated.  A towel and water bottle are recommended.


  • flowFor Power Flow we keep the temperature at a balmy 28 degrees for an energetic and rejuvenating class.
  • Dynamic Power vinyasa flow will help to sculpt your body and release your mind.
  • This is a faster paced class that builds cardio fitness as you synchronise movement with breath for a dynamic full body workout.
  • Our power flow integrates awareness and alignment while building strength, tone, flexibility and core stability.
  • The class may include sun salutations, standing and arm balancing, seated, twisted and inverted poses.


  • yinYin yoga is a meditative and slow paced class with long, deep holds for enhanced mobility and relaxation.
  • Enjoy a deep stretch especially through the hips, pelvis and spine. Yin yoga creates space in your body and stimulates the body’s meridian lines (energy lines).
  • Enjoy this gentle class in a welcoming, regular temperature room. Sequencing may include seated, twisted and supported poses held for 2-5 minutes.
  • A therapeutic complement to our energetic classes and to balance out an active lifestyle. ‘Yin’ is  perfect for those looking for a blissful class to relax and unwind.

Preg: Pre & Postnatal Yoga

  • prenatalA class specially catered to new mothers and mothers-to-be.
  • Prenatal yoga helps to alleviate back and body pains associated with a growing belly.  It also improves circulation, balance and increases strength and flexibility.
  • Postnatally, yoga is just as important to rebuild, restabilise and reconnect with the body after some huge changes. Yoga promotes functional healing to ensure a faster recovery, strengthening muscles and improving postural alignment.
  • Held in our intimate smaller studio room with blocks and bolsters for support. Our pre and post pregnancy yoga class offers a slow flow sequence, standing and seated poses as well as breathing exercises and relaxation.

Yoga With Baby

  • Mums and Bubs yoga Hawthorn Camberwell MelbourneA special yoga class for new mums to strengthen, stabilise and stretch with their baby.
  • Mums and bubs enjoy moving, breathing and bonding together.
  • 5 week rolling course – Start whenever you are ready. Mamas please get your doctor’s clearance before starting.
  • For mamas our 5 week course will cover – ‘Core & Pelvic Floor’, ‘Shoulder & Hip Stretch’, ‘Stability, Posture & Tone’, ‘Twists & Inversions’, and ‘Breathing & Meditation’.
  • For baby we will explore – ‘Massage & Joint Movement’, ‘Interactive Play & Bonding’, ‘Soothing Techniques to Calm’, ‘Gentle Strengthening for Development’, and ‘Breathing Techniques to Encourage Sleep’.
  • Suitable for babies 6 weeks through to crawling.
  • It doesn’t matter if your baby is grizzly or unsettled, the classes are friendly, informal and fun. All mums and bubs welcome.

Are you ready to detox, tone, stretch & relax?

You can book our ‘2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga for just $30’ introductory offer online or arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your first class to register in person.