Are you new to yoga teaching? Do you lack the experience needed to lead a yoga class with confidence?

Our Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program is your chance to work 1-on-1 with Kula Yoga’s senior teachers to build on your ability to:
– Provide intelligently sequenced classes to suit different yoga styles and levels.
– Offer alignment cues and techniques to position students safely and build a strong foundation.
– Use yoga props, equipment, modifications and variations to suit beginners through to advanced students.
– Weave anatomy, philosophy and themes into your teaching spiel to inspire your students.

Our senior teachers leading the program will also help you to find your teaching voice, guide your direction and focus as a teacher, and assist in evolving your teaching to the next level.

Their goal is to help you step into teaching roles with confidence, enthusiasm and experience.

To enquire about our mentorship program, and more about the senior teachers available, please email us or call 1300 992 133.