Balwyn Yoga


Our beautiful Yoga studio is a quick 12 minute drive from Balwyn on Auburn Road in Hawthorn. We invite all Balwyn Yoga lovers to join our welcoming community right near Balwyn + Balwyn North in Melbourne. Kula Yoga is a specialist Yoga centre offering Hot Yoga as well as Flow, Slow Flow and Yin Yoga.


  • We offer an extensive timetable of 37 Yoga classes per week to suit Yoga beginners through to advanced yogis ~ everyone in the local Balwyn area is welcome.
  • We are the closest Hot Yoga studio to Balwyn for specialised FIR heated classes to detoxify. Our Hot yoga classes flow rather than a static sequence like Bikram Yoga.
  • To sculpt and tone try Flow classes in a warm 27 degree room.
  • For long, deep stretching and relaxation we recommended Yin Yoga classes.
  • And if you’re a newcomer to Yoga classes we recommend our Slow Flow Yoga class.
  • Our expert Yoga teaching team are easily approachable and friendly.

Enjoy 6 YOGA classes for $50

*Conditions apply


If you live in the Balwyn area and would like to join our Yoga studio you are welcome to sign up for our introductory offer and enjoy ‘6 Yoga Classes for $50’.

You’ll find parking in the surrounding streets or directly out front of the Yoga studio. Click through below to view our studio near Balwyn Yoga timetable and book a class.


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Find Us

Level 1, 259A Auburn Road,
Hawthorn VIC 3122

Contact Us

[email protected]
1300 992 133



– For our Hot Yoga class we turn the heat up to 35 degrees to detoxify and revitalise.
– The heat allows the body to open up and find depth in the poses. 
– The Yoga class incorporates breathing exercises, vinyasa flow sequences, standing, balancing, seated and twisted poses.
– Our Hot Yoga includes vinyasa flow to build fitness and strength as well as static poses similar to those found in the Bikram Yoga sequence.
– Come to class hydrated. A towel and water bottle are recommended.


– For Flow we keep the temperature at a balmy 27 degrees for an energetic and rejuvenating class.
– Dynamic vinyasa flow will help to sculpt your body and release your mind.
– This is a faster paced class that builds cardio fitness as you synchronise movement with breath for a dynamic full body workout.
– Our flow integrates awareness and alignment while building strength, tone, flexibility and core stability.
– The Yoga class may include sun salutations, standing and arm balancing, seated, twisted and inverted poses.


– Our Slow Flow is all about control and alignment, with as much creativity but half the pace of our Flow.
– Practiced in a comfortable 27 degrees, we connect movement with breath to create a sustained flow.
– Slow Flow is the perfect transition towards Hot & Flow, where you will focus on technique and control to stabilise and build strength.
– This conscious flow will help you build the confidence to work towards advanced variations.
– The Yoga class may include sun salutations, standing and arm balancing, twisted and inverted poses.


– Yin Yoga is a meditative and slow paced class with long, deep holds for enhanced mobility and relaxation.
– Enjoy a deep stretch especially through the hips, pelvis and spine. Yin Yoga creates space in your body and stimulates the body’s meridian lines (energy lines).
– Enjoy this gentle Yoga class in a welcoming, regular temperature room. Sequencing may include seated, twisted and supported poses held for 2-5 minutes.
– A therapeutic complement to our energetic classes and to balance out an active lifestyle. ‘Yin’ is perfect for those looking for a blissful class to relax and unwind.