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‘Back to Basics’ Yoga 101.
A strong base is needed for your practice to flourish. For those with a regular practice it’s time to revisit your foundations. For those that are new to the studio this is the perfect class for you to come to as Kacey will be slowing it all down.  There will be a focus on finding correct alignment to move safely and smoothly through your flow.
Open to everyone!
Friday April 26, 6-7pm.
Kula Yoga has a beautiful hot yoga studio in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Kula offers ‘Hot Yoga’ classes for detoxification, dynamic vinyasa ‘Flow Yoga’ as well as a gentle ‘Light Yoga’ option. Beginners through to advanced students are welcome to all classes. Kula also provides Melbourne workplaces with group corporate yoga programs to build employee health, fitness and wellbeing. Kula Yoga offers staff a unique yoga experience to strengthen their minds and bodies. Find out more about our beneficial group yoga programs on our website www.kulayoga.com.au.