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“I just need to get out and get some fresh air.”  This was a comment from my lovely friend Linda, and it got me thinking. 
–          Linda works for a small business and puts in long hours at the office.
–          She tries to get to the gym a few nights a week for group fitness classes but misses out when she needs to work overtime.   
–           She loves the challenge of her job and the excitement of a fast paced workplace but she admits it has taken a toll on her health.
–          Her weight yo-yos due to stress taking it off and convenient ‘comfort’ food putting it on.
–          She relies on coffee or chocolate to give her the boost she needs throughout her day.
–          And she’s dreading peeling off the winter layers to fit into her spring wardrobe.
Does any of this sound familiar?
During the winter months it’s easy to slip into a pattern of neglect when cold temperatures, darkness and rain make hibernation look so attractive. Then before you know it – spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  Suddenly it’s time to reveal what our winter comfort food has created! And, perhaps start questioning some of our lifestyle choices during the colder months…. oops.
The good news is – the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.  Shaking off the winter blues and going for a morning jog before work doesn’t seem as crazy.  Eating fresh foods instead of baked goods is easier to accomplish.  Getting outside and exploring this amazing city of ours is exciting again!  Is it time to spring clean your lifestyle? Is it time to prioritise your health? 
Getting more people out in the springtime fresh air and feeling great is what inspired our newest program creation, Kula Camp – Park Yoga.  It is a fantastic solution for anybody who:
–          Prefers a dynamic yoga practice that helps to tone the whole body.
–          Wants to improve muscle tone, build strength and endurance as well as increasing flexibility, mobility and balance.
–          Needs to lower stress levels, clear the mind and improve focus.
–          Likes to exercise outdoors in the morning before work.
Kula Camp is also a great idea for anyone that works at a small company or has their own business.  Smaller companies don’t always have the resources and staff numbers to implement an employee health and wellness program.  For anyone that is unable to introduce a Kula Corporate Yoga program  might find that Kula Camp – Park Yoga is a welcome alternative.
Kula Camp – Park Yoga is launching Tuesday September 20, 2011.  It is a 6 week program, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6.15 – 7.15am at Catani Gardens, St Kilda.  Regular price $175.  SPECIAL OFFER – join with a friend and you both get $25 off bringing the price down to just $150 each!  For more information or to sign up visit www.kulayoga.com.au/kulacamp, email [email protected] or call 1300 992 133.
Enjoy the springtime sunshine, blossoms, smiles and adventures!
Stretch and smile,
Kula Corporate Yoga provides Melbourne workplaces with group yoga programs to build employee health, fitness and wellbeing. Kula Yoga offers staff a unique yoga experience to strengthen their minds and bodies. Find out more about our beneficial group yoga programs on our website www.kulayoga.com.au.