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Kula. It’s a word we associate with our yoga practices, and probably had never heard of before wandering into the studio in Hawthorn East. Typing Kula into the Google search engine provided some intriguing results. For example it appears that Kula is a Japanese anime character, and that heaps of resorts and villas in tropical locations have Kula as their namesake.
Wikipedia tells me that the Kula people are an ethnic group in Asia and the Kula tribe can be found in Nigeria. It also informs me that a Kula is an obsolete unit of measurement in India and Morocco.
The above branches that span from the Kula tree did not interest me so much. It was when I stumbled across the definition of Kula in Sanskrit that I started to appreciate the meaning of the word. A community of the heart, a group coming together of its own free will. An intentional community, a family.
It is evident that the word Kula rolls nicely off the tongue, and that it holds some sort of relaxing connotation, but it is comforting to consider the Sanskrit definition.
Come to yoga and feel as though you are part of a family. Perhaps even set the intention next class to appreciate the love of yoga that you share with each person on every mat in the room.
Post by Louisa Macleod – Kula Yoga Studio Assistant.
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