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I’m here to talk about the big ‘white elephant’ that’s sitting in the corner of the room. You know, that awkward one stopping your company from committing to an amazing 8 week yoga program with Kula Yoga.  So let’s confront the beast and work through it together.
1.       I can’t get the program approved by management.
I can see you all tangled up in a web of red tape. We understand it can take time for approval to filter through the ranks but if you need a quick gem to get it over the line, try this:
–          Stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism are costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year, and directly costing employers $10.11 billion a year (Econtech (2007), “Economic Modelling of the Cost of Presenteeism in Australia”, commissioned by Medibank Private).
Stressed, unhealthy employees are costing businesses money.  Rewarding staff with a Kula Yoga program is an investment in a strong, healthy workforce.  If you need more ammunition to help get it through, just let us know – we have plenty!
2.       Our company won’t cover the cost.
If your company decides not to fund the entire program, it may be open to subsidising employee contributions.  If not, Kula Yoga programs can be self-funded by the participants.
It’s a very cost effective program.  If you round up a group of 20 the cost will only be $7.50 per person per class for the Basic option or $9.00 for the Premium package. You are saving around 50% off casual yoga studio prices, the group size is much smaller than a studio class, plus you have the added convenience of having the class come to you.  Win win win!
3.       I don’t know how to get my colleagues to commit to the program.
So trying to get up to 20 workmates to register their interest can be as frustrating as herding cats.  With our premium package we offer promotional material to help you generate interest.  We provide:
–          A teaser poster with a range of headlines to choose from.
–          A detailed invitation to staff.
–          A FAQs document to help put any concerns to rest.
These documents can be emailed, or posted on noticeboards to spark interest.  Once they know the details, and the amazing physical and emotional benefits on offer – they’ll be lining up to reach their health goals!
4.       We don’t have adequate space.
A good rule of thumb is 2 square metres per person when looking at space availability. Try boardrooms, meeting rooms, store rooms, common areas, rooftops, foyers, cafeterias – any open space or any space we can push the furniture over to one side. If you still can’t find a space to hold the sessions let us know. We may be able to source a nearby space to your workplace that can be used for the sessions.  We’ll make a plan!
So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to make a plan and get your workplace on board. Are you ready for a healthy, more active and brighter work environment?  Email [email protected] or call 1300 992 133.
Stretch and smile,
Kula Corporate Yoga provides Melbourne workplaces with group yoga programs to build employee health, fitness and wellbeing. Kula Yoga offers staff a unique yoga experience to strengthen their minds and bodies. Find out more about our beneficial group yoga programs on our website www.kulayoga.com.au.