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In our yoga studio we use specialised FIR heating panels to warm the room up. We combine this with a fiery vinyasa yoga practice to get you sweating out impurities and revitalising your system.  We also have a holistic view of health and wellness. From exercise to nutrition to goal setting – and of course what you put on your skin. This means being aware of what your skincare and cosmetics are made from, and the effect they can have on your body.  Our friends at Musq Cosmetics are partnering with us for our Kula Kickstart – 30 Day Challenge. Here is an article from Musq to help educate you on your choices. Enjoy.

Skin Wellness

We’re bombarded across the media with promises of perfect skin… all we have to do or use is ‘X’!! We should all have perfect skin by now, right? Yet dermatologists report increasing skin problems despite an increasing number of ‘solutions’ available.  This is because the majority of skincare products haven’t ingredients active enough, or they contain counter-productive ingredients. Here are the 2 things you need to know.

  1. We need to revise our expectations – skin doesn’t have the capacity to remain forever youthful, unblemished and “perfect”. The skin’s work load in a single day is enormous so there will be toll: it protects, breathes, absorbs, excretes, provides sensory information to the brain, houses various body components from hair to capillaries, stretches (sometimes enormously as with pregnancy) and then contracts, and remains water resistant. Phew!  It works in a relatively hostile environment, enduring a lifetime of hormonal influence, bumps, scrapes, irritation, UV damage, cuts, burns, inflammation, pollutants and all while cleverly renewing itself each month!  Strong yet incredibly thin, our largest organ is extraordinary. Rather than beating ourselves up over open pores, blemishes and lines let’s instead marvel at our skin’s resilience and fantastic condition for all it encounters!
  2. For skin wellness we need to revise our skincare.  You can influence to a point how it looks, feels and behaves, but not with regular skincare no matter how expensive or celebrity endorsed it may be. Use the same approach you would to your diet. Just as you’d not eat junk food but favour raw, fresh and nutrient rich food, cosmetics should have 100% natural and active ingredients, and no synthetics. Containing a few certified organic ingredients within an otherwise mainstream blend is not enough. Many seemingly natural brands ingredients’ lists reveal a suite of synthetics! Our bodies need high quality and natural ingredients to function; not plastics, and this is the core of Musq Cosmetic’s philosophy. Being fully bio-degradable and non-toxic this benefits our eco-system too when washed off the skin.
Consider these extensively used TGA approved but nasty ingredients that expose our skin to trauma with every application. Hardly “skincare” ingredients!
Imidazolidiny Urea (Imid Urea) is formaldehyde-forming and is linked to cancer. It can cause problems from allergies to  chest pain. Often found in products boasting “paraben free”, but you’re going out of the frying pan into the fire. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate are foaming agents, used to create bubbles and spreadability. Found even in sensitive skin cleansers these are harsh skin irritants. They can stimulate and aggravate acne, rosacea and eczema and are linked to organ / developmental / reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption and cancer. Mineral Oil isn’t derived from minerals but from petroleum. Its oily film is used to lock in skin moisture, but in turn locks in toxins, irritates and blocks skin. It can stimulate and aggravate acne, rosacea and eczema.
Skin deserves pampering and needs to be kept well to function properly. Aesthetic benefits are a bonus! Musq Cosmetics creates skincare and makeup that is concentrated, contains active and non-toxic100% natural ingredients that are known for their nutritional properties and skin optimising attributes. A focus on better cosmetics rather than more cosmetics saves customers time and money.  Musq is an Australian owned and made brand, certified Choose Cruelty Free, vegan and P.E.T.A. approved.
Real ingredients for results, killer looks no killer ingredients! www.musq.com.au
This article is the intellectual property of Musq Pty Ltd.  It is available for publication on Facebook.com/KulaYogaAustralia. No part of this article may be reproduced or copied in any form by any other party without written permission of Musq Pty Ltd. 23.01.13
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