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Tight hips, hamstrings or quads? Join us for our master class of ‘Yin Yoga for Limber Legs’ with the incredible Mysan Sidbo.
We will work deeply in to the tendons, ligaments, bones and joints of the legs to create freedom in your step.
This class targets the fascia and the myofascial bags of all the four main muscle groups in the legs, front (quads) and back (hamstrings) of thighs, inner (adductors)  thighs and outer (glutes, abductors, IT Band) thighs and is perfect those that are active – including runners, cross trainers, bikers and yang yogis that usually follow a dynamic practice.
We will fill up our yin reserves that often are depleted in this fast moving yang world and get more of an understanding why we need to have the balance physically and energetically between yin and yang. A perfect way to start your Sunday!   All levels, enjoy!
Sun Aug 18, 2013:
8am – 10am
COST:   $45.00
Bookings at the Kula studio, or email [email protected]  or call 1300 992 133.
Limited space available.
About Mysan: Mysan is a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher with a curious and adventurous outlook. She shares her knowledge and wisdom in her classes with lightness and joy, her aim is to create healthy bodies and smiling faces
Mysan found her passion for yoga over ten years ago and has since, never stopped exploring. She has a Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma from Qi Health & Yoga and a Yin Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Paul Grilley.  She believes in practicing and teaching both yin and yang practices for optimal health and happiness.
Mysan’ combines her love of yoga, health and happiness with a holistic approach and positive energy to provide a balanced practice for the body, mind and soul.

Yin Master Class Poster Aug 2013