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This YYTT Extended Theory and Practice is tailored to provide you with the overall knowledge of how to teach deep, juicy Yin Yoga classes that provide each individual student with what their specific body needs. It  will back up all the knowledge from YYTT Introduction to Teaching Yin Yoga. The aim is to give you full   insight into the skills of teaching Yin.
Mysan will share essential knowledge to teach full Yin Yoga classes that are safe yet powerful.
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Extended Theory & Practice:
YYTT Extended Theory and Practice will weave together our previous knowledge of the lower body, pelvis and femur, its meridian lines and fascia with the spine and upper body. We will look further into the upper-body meridian lines, fascia, chi, bones and range of movement of our joints. There will be a number of fabulous additional poses to add to your Yin repertoire, including an extended “Teaching Yin Yoga” toolkit!
Saturday 12pm – 4pm
– Understanding of Yin Yoga and its effect on the spine, vertebras and shoulder.
– Exploring bones, soft tissues and joints of the entire spine from the tailbone to the neck.
– Understanding of how our bodies are set up differently and how it effects yoga poses.
– Exploring our upper body and spine’s range of motion, learning how to differentiate student’s skeletal set up and how to guide them into their correct pose.
– Dive deeper into the theory of meridian lines of the upper body and chi.
Sunday 12pm – 4pm
– Theory/practice session to further explore how to guide each individual in their practice.
– Focus on finding the student’s best benefit, creating body awareness and a stimulated mind.
– Time is also set aside for any questions that may have developed from the insight and knowledge learnt.
– At the end of our Yin Yoga adventure we will embark on a 2 hour spinal/shoulder yin yoga class to tie it altogether, using the poses, knowledge and awareness that we have learnt.
About Mysan: Mysan is a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher with a curious and adventurous outlook. She shares her knowledge and wisdom in her classes with lightness and joy, her aim is to create healthy bodies and smiling faces
Mysan found her passion for yoga over ten years ago and has since, never stopped exploring. She has a Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma from Qi Health & Yoga and a Yin Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Paul Grilley.  She believes in practicing and teaching both yin and yang practices for optimal health and happiness.

Mysan’ combines her love of yoga, health and happiness with a holistic approach and positive energy to provide a balanced practice for the body, mind and soul. 

COST:   $195.00

Includes teaching manual

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or call 1300 992 133 to book.

Limited space available.

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