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Once it gets chilly, we’d all rather cuddle up on the couch watching Netflix rather than go to yoga. Before you decide to go into hibernation for good, consider these reasons to unroll your yoga mat when the season gets cooler.

1. Our heated yoga studio is waiting for you

There’s nothing better than stepping into an FIR-heated space, where you can stretch, connect, strengthen and unwind in the warmth of a beautiful yoga studio. While Yin, Prenatal, and Basics class are lead with room-temperature heating, our Power class is 28 degrees and Hot is a toasty 35 degrees. Imagine a cosy, warm Savasana

2. Maintain your fitness levels

If your most preferred method of exercise during the winter months is flipping through TV channels, consider the amazing benefits of a yoga practice. You’ve worked so hard to establish a regular yoga and fitness routine, don’t let it fall away! Yoga is a workout for the body, mind and soul- a chance to energise and sweat, find clarity and peace.

3. Consistency is key

If you’ve already started a yoga practice, you may finder it harder to keep it up when it gets cold. That attitude of Abhyasa, or continued practice, is how you take your yoga to the next level.

4. Cultivate persistence

Coming in to practice during winter requires dedication! When you constantly show up, despite set backs and complaints, you’ll see the benefits of a continued practice both physically and mentally. The lessons that we learn on the mat soon become part of our everyday tool kit- think about how patience and persistence could manifest if your life.
Have you been convinced? At Kula we want to encourage all students to continue their yoga practice through the colder months. Our Winter Warmer 3 Month Special deal, available online or in the studio, includes 3 months of unlimited yoga for only $495. This offer is only valid until June 14, so sign up quick!