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We’ve all done it. Set goals and then let them fall into the background of our busy, hectic lives. But what if you knew exactly how to stay on top of the intentions you’ve set? Goal-setting guru and Kula Yoga instructor Haydn gives us 5 tips to stay on track with goals.

  1. Don’t go overboard! Keeping your goals few in number will allow you to stay focused and on track. You can always amend, add or modify as needed.


  1. Make sure your goals are SMART. By this I mean:

            Specific – you must identify exactly what you want to achieve
           Measurable – so you will know when you have achieved them
           Action-able – every goal should include an action eg Run, Finish, Quit
           Realistic – goals should be audacious but realistic. Push the boundaries
           Timely – a goal is a dream or wish but with a deadline

  1. Write them down. Writing goals down is much like setting an intention for your yoga practice. When you write your goals down you are stating your intention and setting the wheels of achievement in motion. For motivation, consider setting time aside each week or month. Maybe write goals down in a special notebook, or keep them visible so you stay on track.


  1. Review them frequently. Just like yoga, goal setting is a practice. The more often you review your goals the more connected you are to them and the more likely you are to achieve them.


  1. Share them with those who believe in you and your goals and are committed to helping you achieve them.

Cultivate what you want and then be prepared to get it!