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We are excited to host our first AcroYoga Workshop at Kula on November 9 with guest teachers Sally and Einat.  We asked Sally some questions about AcroYoga and what the Kula Crew can expect from the Workshop.
Kula: Hi Sally, we can’t wait to try AcroYoga at Kula.  But first of all, what is it?
Sally: AcroYoga is acrobatics with yogic consciousness. The yoga side of the practice is about connection to breath, to the body and it’s movements, to your partner, and to whatever the practice itself stirs up in you. It is a practice that can bring us to our edge on so many levels!
We challenge each other by exploring our physical limitations, because this is where we can build strength and continue to advance and refine the practice. There are also the social and personal challenges that come up. To be honest, still when I practice I have moments where I am scared of falling! I am scared of dropping my partner. I am afraid if I am too heavy. If I am not strong enough. I’m concerned if the person I’m working with is enjoying my company. Sometimes I shrink, and I make excuses or go into stories about why I should avoid these moments of doubt. But then I connect to my breath, using it as a tool to help me connect to the part of myself who can simply observe these insecurities. With courage and trust I can explore my limitations and begin to shift them into possibilities! This is where the practices moves from beings acrobatics to AcroYoga for me.
When we step up to the edge of what we know, we can begin to see our limitations. The things that hold us back from expanding further into ourself, physically, mentally, emotionally. “Flirting” with the edge provides us with the opportunity to shift our limitations into possibilities!
Just like Acroyoga, life can be scary and uncertain! Or it can be thrilling and full of awe! There is a quote by Osho: “Don’t call it uncertainty, call it wonder. Don’t call it insecurity, call it freedom.”

K: What will the workshop focus on? Can anyone join the fun?
S: We invite you to join us in our workshop as we balance, breath, support and fly together. This workshop is suited to first timers and people new to AcroYoga. However, Einat and I always have extra tricks up our sleeves so that everyone in the room can explore their edge!
We will be focusing on basic fundamentals of acrobatic practice, using counterbalances and bone stacking principles to get our asana up into the air with the support of each other!
You don’t have to bring a partner, as we will mix the groups around throughout the session to suit the different exercises. However, the more people the better! So, spread the news!! Come and explore the unknown from a place of curiosity and expansiveness. And see how with an open mind, limitations become possibilities.
About the guest teachers:
Sally and Einat are trained and accredited level 2 AcroYoga teachers  from AcroYoga Montreal. They are always developing their style and practice together. For more information on the background of their lineage please go to: www.acroyoga.com 

There are limited places available in the Kula Workshop on Nov 9, book your spot here: https://kulayoga.com.au/workshops.