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The idea of creating abundance in ones life can often feel like it’s at odds with what we consider a ‘yogic lifestyle’. Whilst we strive to be in the present moment and show gratitude for what we have in life, how can we want for more?

Abundance comes from Latin abundantia, meaning ‘overflowing.’ We so often think that abundance starts with getting something from outside of ourselves, and most often associated with financial or material possessions. The true start of abundance comes from within.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. – Wayne Dyer

Abundance comes from acknowledging the great gifts contained within you and in your life and the necessity of these gift within the world. It’s not that abundance shouldn’t include material possessions, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be financially secure or live a comfortable life, but it is the intention behind our desire for abundance that will measure our true happiness once we receive.

We may obtain all that our “heart desires” and yet still never be truly satisfied or happy. The initial step in attracting abundance is the idea of contentment or truly appreciating what you already possess.

The attitude of gratitude always creates an abundant reality – Roxana Jones

So, how can we attract abundance in our life without our intention being to simply ‘want more’?

Be Grateful

Be grateful for all the little things you have in your life. Start with a gratitude diary and write down everything you are thankful for, no matter how big or small. When we are flowing with gratitude we get an overwhelming sense of fulfilment and joy. Start every day by thinking of one thing you are grateful for – before long the positive mindset will become natural and overflow into your life. When you truly notice what’s around you, you are cultivating a sense of abundance.

Have Trust

Trust in the process and that the universe will deliver when the time is right. As a society we are so driven by our desired outcomes that we are often not present enough in each moment to enjoy the journey. Abundance comes from the sense of fulfilment, joy and experience of that process. When we’re in the moment we appreciate what is around us and are not simply looking for the perceive end result.

Throughout the year we are encouraging our community to explore positive affirmations or ‘powers’ to support your journey on and off the mat. This month we urge you to seek our inner power to attract abundance in your life.

‘Abundance’ is your power.

How are you going to explore attracting abundance this month? Perhaps set yourself up with a positive affirmation or mantra. This could be one for the month or a different positive statement each week or day. We just encourage you to keep it consistently on the theme of ‘Peace’. An example is ‘I focus on the abundance in my life now, and trust that every day, in every way, I am taken care of’. 

Explore and create your own.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat this month where our teachers will weave our theme of ‘abundance is my power’ into their classes and teachings.

Sweat, stretch & smile!
Team Kula


For further reading on ‘Abundance’ we recommend Deepak Chopra’s book ‘Abundance The Inner Path To Wealth‘. Enjoy x

About the author: Andy is a qualified Yoga Therapist & Teacher. She is Communications Manager at Kula Yoga, co-founder of YogaMamas and runs her own small Yoga Therapy business on the Bellarine Peninsula. Andy is also a health & wellness blogger, hobby photographer and mama of 3!

Photo credit: Andybbear Photography


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