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Here are my top 10 tips on how I find a deeper connection with myself, my yoga practice, society and my environment.


When I feel disconnected, I find my nearest judgement-free friend or family member and release my feelings.  Keeping emotions trapped inside inhibits the flow of life.  (Don’t forget to be there when your friends need help reconnecting to themselves too.)


Most of the time, when I am feeling disconnected, I seek situations that allow me to express what I am feeling.  Whether it’s a vinyasa flow class, or dancing around the house with my toddler, or singing along to my favourite songs, whatever it is, I just let myself and my feelings flow.


Disconnection often lets me know that I need to seek something new.  It doesn’t matter how far away, I head off on an adventure. Travelling helps in finding a new perspective and this helps me realign and reconnect to myself, and the greater world.


Nature is an essential part of humanity, as well as an essential part of who I am.  The more time I spend in nature, the greater sense of self awareness I have access to.


When I feel lost, I find it helpful to review my core values.  What makes me happy?  What are my desires?  What are my goals?  Unfortunately, these questions are difficult to answer when I find life challenging.  However, it is helpful to keep records of my goals, so when I do feel uncertain as to where life is going, I can reflect upon my desires of the past.

  1. FOOD

Science shows that proper nutrition helps balance hormones and increase health and happiness.  The less processed our meals, healthier our minds and bodies will be.

  1. LAUGH

The more I laugh out loud, the less I over think.  Activities that inspire laughter; trampolines, games, funny movies, friends, family. As soon as I start to giggle, I find instant relief.  Laughter is one of the greatest medicines.

  1. CRY

A good cry also solves many overactive mind problems.  If I am trying to connect to myself, and I know tears are ready to flow; I let them loose without shame.   The feelings of instant relief arrive just as fast as a good belly laugh.


Reflecting upon how I feel is another amazing way to gain perspective on what may be the root cause of my disconnected feelings.  Great ways to reflect feelings are writing, drawing, music, and movement.  Emotions are easily captured during these types of reflective exercises.

  1. FLOAT

If all else fails, and I just can’t seem to connect to myself, I take a bath.  The act of floating in water seems to melt all my stress and expectations away.
These are only a few tips that I have discovered along the way that help me reconnect with myself.  When I am not feeling connected, I find it especially hard to practice yoga, socialise or care about the greater world.  It is important to maintain a connect with myself primarily, and everything else seems to fall back into place.
See you on your mats. Sweat, stretch & smile,
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