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Freedom. Fluidity. Ease. Letting Go.
Each month at Kula Yoga we explore a different theme, giving us a sankalpa or intention on and off the mat. As a community from the Hawthorn and surrounding area, we come together to embrace this collective energy through our practice, translating into our daily lives.
In April our focus is ‘Lightness’
Explore ways  to find lightness on the mat this month by bringing awareness to your breath. Everything begins and ends with the breath. Through use of the breath, connecting each movement to an inhale or exhale, flowing from one posture to the next, you bring a fluid, flowing quality to you practice. When you find ease and freedom in movement, you allow yourself to let go of rigidity and force.
Here are some ways to explore lightness on the mat:

  • Allow your breath to guide you through your practice by connecting one movement to each breath ~ allow that movement to last the entirety of the breath
  • Move from your centre, using your core as your foundation and starting point. Let your limbs be active but light.
  • Soften the muscles of your face and relax your shoulders, even in the most challenging of poses.
  • If you incorporate jumps in your flow, find lift before you fly so you land with lightness on the mat.
  • In your Yin practice, use your exhale to release further into the pose. Our exhale sends messages to our brain and muscles to let go.
  • Use the mantra “strong on the inside, soft on the outside”, to keep you feeling grounded but light in your practice.

There are so many ways to bring lightness to the mat, so join us in studio this month as we  explore this theme.

“Learn to laugh. Seriousness is a sin, and it is a disease. Laughter has tremendous beauty, a lightness. It will bring lightness to you and it will give you wings to fly.” ~ Osho

When we experience strength with lightness on the mat and learn to let go, we tend to be less forceful and rigid in life. We can approach challenges objectively, giving ourselves the space to react with calm & compassion.
The use of the mantra “strong on the inside, soft on the outside” easily translates into daily life when explore inner strength with outer ease in both body and mind. Be strong & grounded in your resolve and purpose, but calm and compassionate in your actions and words.
We look forward to exploring ‘lightness’ with you this month.
See you on the mat!