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By the end of my session I felt relaxed and grounded with a strong sense of clarity and calm.

Kinesiology. A modality that’s always intrigued me, but one I’ve also been confused by. What is it? Energy healing? Reiki? Focused on the physical body or mental health?

Well, today I got to experience it first hand with the amazing Jennifer McCormack from Five Elements Healing who works from our beautiful treatment room at the Hampton studio.

As I entered the treatment room I was greeted by Jennifer’s smiling face and a blissful space with her tools of the trade proudly on display – sound healing bowls, crystals, oils, books, cards, colours – and a lovely massage table with the sunlight streaming into the room and a view of the trees outside. From the welcoming space and Jennifer’s calming nature I already felt more relaxed. Bliss.

Jennifer explained Kinesiology as a way to access information using the gentle art of muscle monitoring. With the information received she combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health including acupressure, lymphatic points and improving energy flow through meridians. She then adds a wonderful layer of mindset coaching to help you reach results. I liked the sound of that and I was ready to give it a go.

After an initial chat to dig a little deeper into what I wanted to address in our session a focus was found and it was time for the treatment to begin.

I enjoyed a wonderfully long, relaxing savasana on the massage table while she tapped into my energy and began to bring me back into balance.

It was fascinating to watch her work through the feather-light muscle monitoring to get answers to her questions directly from my body. And to then tap into her tools to treat the imbalances.

I loved experiencing the parallels with yin yoga as Jennifer accessed my meridians (energy channels) and chakras (energy centres). And I was fascinated by the way my body responded to certain colours, an excerpt from a perfectly aligned book and a card chosen by my spiritual guides.

By the end of my session I felt relaxed and grounded with a strong sense of clarity and calm.

And I can’t wait to return for another treatment.

Are you curious to give it a go?

I encourage you to keep an open mind and book a treatment. Jennifer can help you with a range of needs including:

  • Stress relief, insomnia, anxiety, fears and depression.
  • Increasing energy, productivity and clarity aligning to your goals.
  • Food intolerances, allergies, eczema, nutritional and hormonal imbalances.

You can secure an appointment with Jennifer directly through her website.

If you’re a Kula Tribe member you receive a generous discount of $50 per treatment.


About the author: Kacey Smith is a Yoga Teacher & Founder of Kula Yoga


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