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“Kula” is an ancient sanskrit term that means ‘community of the heart’. It is a group coming together of their own free will; an intentional clan, tribe or family.
Part of our Kula Tribe is connecting with the local community. Each month we engage with a different local business as a way of encouraging our members to get to know their local area. It also allows these local businesses to get to know our members.
This month our friends at The Source Bulk Foods in Camberwell are inviting you down to explore all the goodies they have to offer. Here’s a little about the store, by store owner Bec Corbett:

This month we will be celebrating our 3rd birthday. We opened as the 9th store in the country as part of The Source Bulk Foods franchise, there are now over 40 stores in Australia and New Zealand. This store is owned by myself and my family and I manage the store.  I had been looking for a business to move into when I came across ‘The Source’. I had always been really into health and food, but I was very impressed with the ‘zero waste’ aspect of the store. I completed my university studies in Environmental Science so was keen to move into a business with a no waste aspect. We don’t use plastic bags in the store, customers can use our paper bags or bring in their own containers and bottles to refill. The zero waste aspect isn’t just limited to no packaging, but also food waste.  What we offer is not only more environmentally friendly, but means that customers can buy exactly as much or as little as they need, rather than being restricted by the amount in a packet in the supermarket. Sometimes if you want just a few tablespoons of an ingredient, it works out quite expensive to buy the smallest packet, so you go for the bigger, more economical size, then a few months later the product has spoiled so ends up in the bin.
We have over 400 products from nuts, seeds, grains, muesli, superfoods, to liquids such as honey and oils, as well as household and personal cleaning items and a range of bath salts. We also have a growing range of zero waste products including stainless steel straws, lunch boxes, insulated drink bottles, and have some great coffee cups and bamboo toothbrushes coming closer to Christmas!

Our Kula Tribe members can enjoy a special discount this month, so don’t miss out. There has never been a better time to join the tribe and here’s why…

Why Kula Tribe?
We value community above all else at Kula and are proud of the wonderful community we’ve created, both through our students, teachers and out in the local area. We are also pleased to be able to provide a membership that offers not only the best value, but the opportunity to embrace this community.
If you’re not sure if Kula Tribe is for you, have a chat with one of our wonderful teachers to discuss your options. However, if you’re practicing at the studio 2 or more times a week then Kula Tribe is the most valuable option we have. We’d love to have you onboard this growing community, so head to our online store to learn more.
We look forward to seeing you on your mat and out in the greater community!
Team Kula
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