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The key to living positively and achieving peace within yourself and the world around you, is to keep busy. We need to hurry up and get more done; in other words be more productive with time. You know those few moments, the 30 second pauses? Fill them. Do more things. Do little things or fast and inconsequential things you don’t care much about. For example, fill the stapler, repost an Instagram image or retweet on twitter so your networks know you’re around, clean out junk mail, change your voicemail, stand up or sit down. But just do something …
What else are you going to do? … breath, feel, merely exist? What are you a hippy? (haha)
Tara Brach an American psychologist -with a phd- and spiritual teacher says we are utterly afraid of silence, stillness and spaciousness.
We avoid doing ‘nothing’ in an attempt to constantly improve and be better. As a consequence, we bypass feeling things.
Unfortunately this fast pace impacts our wellbeing. We ignite the sympathetic nervous system which promotes stress, tension and anxiety. In doing so the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system is shutdown.
What does all of this mean?
The brain does not rest and therefore memory, recall and general cognitive processes are reduced;
Circulating stress hormones are substantially increased which enhances anxiety;
The stomach’s ability to process and digest food is inhibited; which can lead to digestive disturbances, bloating, flatulence and/or constipation; and
We live in a constant state of overwhelm and fatigue.
So where to go from there?
Interestingly, the power of positivity is profoundly impactful on the body and our wellbeing. However, in order to achieve this state, we require silence, stillness and spaciousness in the body and the mind.
On Saturday 19th January 2-4pm, I will be running a New Year Positivity and Wellbeing Workshop. This session is designed to squeeze out tensions and stresses, invigorate and inspire, relax and rest.
The workshop will encompass:

  • A fluid moving sequence – with options for all levels – to cultivate spaciousness in the body and mind.
  • We will sit still in a loving kindness and compassionate meditation, designed to enhance feelings of positivity.
  • Breath work to encourage silencing of the mind so the brain can rest and restore.

If you would like to start the year on a positive note and boost your overall wellbeing, this is for you.
I hope to see you there xx
About the author: Sharon has been a registered nutritionist for 10 years. However, her love of yoga and the desire to share in the goodness led her to complete 200hr yoga teacher training in 2014 with Power Living. She has since gone on to complete advanced assisting, Level 2 and Level 3 Vinyasa Teaching with Duncan Peak, as a pathway to completing 500hours. Sharon believes that yoga is always the answer. Through regular practice, we become better acquainted with ourselves, cultivating strength, compassion, love and flexibility in mind, body and spirit. Sharon seeks to encourage this in classes through breath awareness, physical challenges, yoga philosophy and modern day tales.
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