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What does it mean to act with “intention”?
Simply put, an intention is a goal, or vision, that guides your thoughts, attitudes, and choices. They help to direct our restless mind.
When I reflected on last month’s “renewal” theme, it was clear that I needed some time to rest and ponder the lessons from 2016.
After some much needed self love and care, this year’s goals drifted into view.
I have an intention to try my best over the coming months in hopes of re-aligning with my life’s vision. It is my desire to gain a clear understanding of my previous accomplishments and focus on the skills I need to attain my new goals.
This opens up our February studio theme of “intention”. I always find it is easy to uncover a deep desire or intention at the start of the year, but most challenging to keep the momentum flowing each month.
Here are a few ideas that help me keep focused on my intentions, even during the most distracting times. These concepts might help you too…
If I am not absolutely clear about what I want and how I am going to get it, inevitably, I quickly lose my desire to follow through with my goals. The words I use to structure my intentions, be it written, vocal or mental, are very important. I utilise each sentence to empower myself, which is a great way to improve self esteem, a great ally to have when it comes to accomplishing goals.
One of the quickest ways I lose momentum when it comes to my intentions and goals is when I am not being honest with myself, and my capabilities. It is important to know what you can accomplish, and how long it will take. I try and be as realistic as possible when it comes to achieving a specific task in a certain time.
1-2-3 REPEAT
When something works, I generally stick with it. It is a simple concept and it is a sure way to success. I also find it helps to literally repeat my intentions to myself on a regular basis. This really keeps my motivation high and stress low.
When I am truly passionate about my intentions, the determination to succeed is always there. It is also important that I follow through with my promises. This lets my mind know that these goals are important to me and worth the effort. Otherwise, it is very difficult to keep determined when my heart just isn’t feeling it.
Much like in Yoga class, it is not always about balance, when it comes to intention. I have discovered, with goal setting, that alignment is also important. If my life fully supports, and is inline with my intentions, it is much easier to fulfill each desire. I’d rather not struggle to achieve goals that do not support each other in the long run.
Lastly, I always make sure to leave some room for self appreciation. When I make small steps towards my goals I make time to be grateful. Even the smallest of accomplishments, the tiniest of steps, matter!
“All that counts in life is intention.” Andrea Bocelli
See you on your mats. Sweat, stretch & smile,
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