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One of the most common discussions and hot topics these days, among childcare and school parents are intolerances, allergies and skin conditions such as Eczema.

I know this, as being a parent of two young girls, I was one of those unlucky enough to have to witness my youngest suffer because of it. This is exactly what has inspired me to set up my own business and this is why Consciously Healthy was born.

Taking a step back, my journey started even further, after my mum was diagnosed with cancer, a fight she ultimately lost. This led me on a new path to research, to study and practice alternative methods to improve our general health and where possible prevent or eliminate illness.

Although the learning will never finish, I am now in a position where I was not just able to help my daughter eliminate her Eczema naturally, but I was fortunate enough to guide others with success.

Improving my health and the health of my family was always a priority. Seeing my youngest daughter suffer with severe Eczema, asking me through tears – “Mum, can you make this fly away” while scratching all over with her tiny fingers, and bleeding as a result of scratching, (me
feeling absolutely helpless, visiting doctors who only prescribed steroids to only mask the symptoms without looking at the actual cause) led me to put my knowledge into practice and actually allow me to make her condition “fly away”.

This was noticed by the carers at her Childcare, some of whom were parents whose children were suffering similar conditions. Having
seen the results on my daughter, word of mouth spread, and I was able to help other children too. With this in mind I am currently developing an online program for parents full of information and recipes to follow, for those who are ready to make big changes in their lives.

This will be available soon for purchase on my new website (currently being edited, soon to go live). I am not a doctor or a healer. I practice iridology, sclerology and help others to improve their health and wellness naturally. The knowledge I have comes from courses, studies, and various retreats all from over the world.

A lot of the time it’s simple common sense, which we have simply forgotten as a society which relies heavily on pills, creams, and pharmaceuticals as the magic bullet to end our ailments. This stigma is hard to overcome and not everyone will be convinced, but that’s ok.

The proof is the outcomes. Clients who come to see me have usually been on multiple paths or find themselves going in circles and are open to trying natural alternatives, which in most cases are the solution they need. I have no magic bullet or pill, but I have knowledge to help them implement changes which improve their life.

My main aim is to help my clients, kids, and adults alike. To do this, I will continue to study, do courses, and learn from others, something that will simply be ongoing. I have many dreams, big and small and they vary from things such as facilitating regular retreats, to a café where the menu does not involve chicken nuggets and fries as a standard item for kids (I mean what are we teaching them if this is the only thing that is available to them?), to run a health hub where all your needs are met in one place to eliminate frustration, time wasting and
confusion for parents.

These are only few dreams I mention here. In addition, I run educational seminars for parents so would love to reach out to a bigger audience, bigger communities and possibly schools to teach the next generation about health and wellness.

Kasia Dabrow will be treating from our clinic room at Kula Yoga Hampton from April 24 on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Consciously Healthy, a hub delivering treatment plans, through iridology, utilising a holistic approach to boost your health, vitality and wellness naturally focusing on treating underlying causes of conditions rather than their symptoms. 

Services include:


skin conditions

intolerances and allergies

nutrition plans

juice fasts

Young Living essential oils 

neuro transitional therapy

health coaching and


To reach out to her for a discovery call please visit her website Consciously Healthy, email [email protected], or call 0414707012.