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Building a connection between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio.“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Our Camberwell yoga studio is a space where people can connect, share and grow. Our students come from all around the Hawthorn and Camberwell area to sweat, play, learn and reach their health and fitness goals. Every day at Kula we come across individuals who have inspired us and continue to help shape our community; we wanted to share their stories with you. Read below to learn more.

Name: Jordan (Psst! Jordan is also our Karma Yogi- he keeps the studio fresh and clean)

Kula: Favourite style of yoga at Kula?

Jordan: I love a nice Hot Yoga class.

K: Why do you practice yoga?

J: Yoga centres and grounds me. Brings my attention inward to my body and the four corners of my mat. It helps get rid of all the clutter and stresses of a busy mind  and revitalises me so I can go out and enjoy the day.  No matter what else is going on in my life, taking an hour to just be truly present in my practice is an important treat for myself…. It’s also a great workout and super fun!

K: What do you love about Kula?

Jordan: It’s in the name. Community. Kula is filled with such wonder people, teachers and students alike, who all share a passion and love for yoga. I really enjoy every moment of being at Kula even when not in class. 

K: Is yoga your main form of exercise or do you participate in other sports, fitness or activities?

J: Right now yoga is my main source of exercise while I am recovering from injury. I usually fight Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cycle, rock climb and weight train and have found that yoga compliments all of my other activities. It keeps me strong and supple in ways that I never thought were possible. 

K: What is the main health goal you are focusing on at the moment?

J: My main health goal right now is to just be happy in my body and to enjoy being healthy and active. I try not to put too much pressure on myself when it comes to exercise because I feel that the times in my life when I am the healthiest is when I am happy and excited to be living a healthy lifestyle.