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Building a connection between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio.“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Not only do we provide locals from Hawthorn and Camberwell yoga classes, but we also provide them with a yoga studio where people can connect, share and grow. Our students come from all around the Boroondara area to sweat, play, learn and reach their health and fitness goals. Every day at Kula we come across individuals who have inspired us and continue to help shape our community; we wanted to share their stories with you. Read below to learn more.

Name: Karen (Karen is one of our amazing 30 Day Challengers and regular Kula yogi’s!)

Kula: Favourite style of yoga at Kula?

Karen: As with my three best friends, I love all of them dearly – Hot Yoga, Power Flow and Yin Yoga – and for different reasons, but every now and then I need a break from one of them. I’m looking at you Power.

K: Why do you practice yoga?

K: I began practicing yoga due to long term muscle pain which has dissipated enormously. What I didn’t expect were the countless mental, physical and spiritual benefits I’d gain along the way.

K: What do you love about Kula Yoga?

K: Kula attracts oodles of lovely, non-judgemental, interesting and fun people. It’s a supportive and caring environment but not so herbal it loses its authenticity.

K: Is yoga your main form of exercise, or do you go to the gym, participate in other sports, fitness or activities?

K: Yes, yoga is my main form of exercise. Other forms include emptying the dishwasher and my daily 8 kilo weights program in the laundry. Apart from that it’s way too many hours in the car, at a desk and on a couch.

K: What is the main health goal you are focusing on at the moment?

K: I am trying to manage my stress and be realistic with what’s achievable each day. Some days I get it right, others I’m a fruit loop.

K: Apart from Kula, where are your favourite hangouts in the Hawthorn, Camberwell or Boroondara area?

K: I love this area – Castille de Fleur for all my body lotions and potions, Beehive Hotel for great food and impeccable service, Zen 5 at The Well for acupuncture, and Woolworths Middle Camberwell for a reminder that I too will drive at 10km an hour one day.

K: Why did you choose to take part in the 30 Day Challenge this month? Tell us about your experience so far.

K: I was overseas for the last couple of challenges and am around for this one, so there was no reason not to. I find the 30 day challenges very tough. Not the scheduling or the commitment, but being physically able to maintain the practice. Physical exercise is not easy for me. If I get to number thirty I will be punching the air. Figuratively, not literally.