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“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Our studio is a space where people can connect, share and grow. Every day at the studio we meet such amazing souls, working hard towards their health and fitness goals. During our 30 Day Challenge we’ve come across a few individuals who have inspired us and continue to help shape our community; we wanted to share their stories with you. Read below to learn more.

Name: Kathryn

Kula: What made you decide to join our 30 Day Yoga & Nutrition Challenge?

Kathryn: I haven’t done a challenge this year after doing three last year and decided this was a good time of year to do my first for 2015.

Kula: How long have you been practicing yoga?

K: I’m reasonably new to yoga and have only been practising yoga for the past two years.

Kula: Favorite style of yoga at Kula?

K: That’s a hard one because I actually like all styles for different reasons but if I have to pick one it would be Hot as I love the feeling after a really strong class.

Kula: Why do you practice yoga?

K: I practice yoga because I absolutely love the way it makes me feel both physically and emotionally. I normally practice at 6 a.m. and for me it is a beautiful, invigorating and grounding start to the day.

Kula: What’s your favorite pose?

K: Half Moon or Tree pose (my least favorite is Crow, I just want to be able to do it! My goal is to get it by the end of the year).

Kula: What is the hardest part about participating in a 30 Day Challenge?

K: The idea of practising yoga every day isn’t hard, it is more juggling the time to fit it in with my job and being a mum to three gorgeous boys.

Kula: How do you make yoga a priority in your life?

K: Yoga has become such a regular habit in my week that my family knows that we build it into our schedule. 

Kula: What is one goal you’ve set for yourself during the yoga challenge?

K: I’ve decided not to drink alcohol during the challenge and focus on hydration and good quality sleep.

Amazing dedication Kathryn! Keep an eye out for our next post introducing you to more members of the Kula tribe.