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How to Live Positively and Boost Your Wellbeing

The key to living positively and achieving peace within yourself and the world around you, is to keep busy. We need to hurry up and get more done; in other words be more productive with time. You know those few moments, the 30 second pauses? Fill them. Do more things....

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Finding Happiness On The Mat

"Now and then it's good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy." ~ Guillaume Apollinaire We spend most of our lives striving towards goals - achieve a certain score on a test, graduate from high school, get into a course, get a job, get a promotion,...

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Exploring The Mind Body Connection Through Yoga

Whilst the term "mind-body connection" may seem like it's thrown around to give your yoga class a more philosophical edge, I assure you it has strong scientific backing. In fact, clinical research into mind-body medicine is finding that emotions and thought patterns...

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How To Practice Yoga With Grace

Grace (noun) 1. a smooth and beautiful way of moving. 2. kind, polite and fair behaviour Grace is not always the easiest quality to welcome into our lives, particularly when we live in such a fast moving, immediate society. Multi-tasking is admired, 'to-do' lists are...

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Follow Your Curiosity Through Yoga

In a world of ‘instagram yoga' it’s hard not to get caught up in the idea of how yoga “should” look or feel. One of the lesser celebrated realities of yoga, through social media at least, is the idea that yoga is actually completely adaptable to the individual....

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Revive Your Body

It seems the most common modern day disease is busy-ness. There is so much pressure and struggle to achieve, complete the to-do list, attend appointments on time whilst negotiating Melbourne traffic, prepare healthy school snacks for the kids, eat healthily, look good...

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