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Building a connection between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio.“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Not only do we provide locals from Hawthorn and Camberwell yoga classes, but we also provide them with a yoga studio where people can connect, share and grow. Our students come from all around the Boroondara area to sweat, play, learn and reach their health and fitness goals. Every day at Kula we come across individuals who have inspired us and continue to help shape our community; we wanted to share their stories with you. Read below to learn more.

Name: Lis (Lis is a regular happy face around Kula and an inspiring soul!)

Kula: Favourite style of yoga at Kula?

Lis: All of them, for very different reasons: Power & Hot to challenge myself, and Yin & Basics when I feel the need to hold a pose for that little while longer. And when I am feeling out of sorts – any style will do to get me back on track! I have really enjoyed participating in the evolution of Kula over the period where I have been able to attend.

K: Why do you practice yoga?

L: To complement my other physical activities, correct the effects of the desk jockey lifestyle and keep my head in the right space. And the workout is AMAZING!

K: What do you love about Kula?

L: I love the different styles of the instructors, the sincerity of the instructors, fabulous studio, the opportunity to have a giggle even when seriously trying to get into a pose, the opportunity to deepen my practice, and an environment that fosters the opportunity to practice meditation when it can be so hard to elsewhere.

K: Is yoga your main form of exercise or do you participate in other sports, fitness or activities?

L: Yoga is a complement, so it features to the same extent that I run and ride my bike. I have only been practicing for two years, and it is great that there are so many opportunities for me to continuously improve.

K: What is the main health goal you are focusing on at the moment?

L: Keeping up my fitness, pushing the boundaries when I can, and backing off when that is not an option. As always, keeping my head in the right space, and doing this with like-minded people in the wonderful Kula environment. And going for coffee afterwards…occasionally!