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How can we explore resolution within our yoga practice? The decision of when to practice is a resolution in itself.
A yoga practice can be present in many varied forms. Some days it may feel overwhelming to dedicate time to practice in a way we are most used to. The choice to take the time for ourselves, perhaps only 5 minutes, is empowering and can help us find clarity and rebalance to our natural state.
The following yoga asana are simple poses that can help us cultivate moments of observing and listening inwards. As we tune into ourselves, we may experience moments of stillness, softness or resistance.
1. Baddha Konasana / Butterfly Pose
Once set up in the pose, allow the body to soften. Let the hands be soft and the head heavy. The resolution to be here has already been met, the only thing left to do is relax, and enjoy. Stay as long as you like.
2. Resting pose
The pose flows naturally from Baddha Konasana / Butterfly Pose. Place your hands behind you, let your feet fall out naturally to the side. The head can rest forward or back. Again, stay her as long as you like. Breathe deeply.
Learning to listen to our bodies is important. We become receptive to change, growth and how we adapt to our external environment. Like yoga, osteopathy is a philosophy that listens to the body. Osteopathy looks to understand your body’s patterns and causes of imbalance and uses gentle techniques to reestablish a sense of balance.
If you are looking to improve your health in 2018  and would like  more information on how osteopathy could help you, please  visit our website www.easternosteo.com.au or call 03 9095 6556 to speak with one of our osteopaths.
The osteopaths at Eastern Osteopathy Melbourne are experienced and qualified practitioners with over 30 years combined clinical experience in treating all ages, from newborns, pregnant women and elite athletes to the elderly. Liz, Kate, Chloe and Nicole are all registered osteopaths.  “We are compassionate, caring people who love our job and the opportunity to help our patients on a daily basis.”  Eastern Osteopathy Melbourne’s osteopaths are the ideal practitioners when you are seeking osteopathic health care for all members of your family.
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