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It seems the most common modern day disease is busy-ness. There is so much pressure and struggle to achieve, complete the to-do list, attend appointments on time whilst negotiating Melbourne traffic, prepare healthy school snacks for the kids, eat healthily, look good and feel good.
It is no wonder we are so stressed and anxious. I’m tired just thinking about it.
This Saturday 22nd September I am running a Self Revival Yoga workshop. Within the workshop there will be techniques easily adaptable to every day life. So when the task list is so great, it is still possible to participate in self-care.
The idea of the workshop is to attain greater flow within the body. The more flow we have, the greater our energy. If we are in flow, when our proverbial cup is deficient or depleted we can utilise internal resources to recuperate. In essence, if we are operating from this state all of our internal networks work more efficiently. 
There will be a series of targeted physical postures, integrated with concentrated breath training, intentional meditations and controlled movement. Through this series the body, mind and soul will be encouraged to bloom, flourish and blossom just like Mother Nature intends at this time of year. Energy and vitality is the goal. 
The workshop will encompass: 

  • A fluid vinyasa flow to enhance circulation and stimulate digestion. 
  • Variations on a cat/cow sequence to clear out the lungs. 
  • A specific meditation to boost the immune system.
  • A restorative sequence to stimulate relaxation and the removal of stress from the body. 

This workshop is suitable for all levels. There will be techniques offered that can easily be incorporated into everyday life to harness greater vitality within.
To get you started, here are a few tips for harnessing vitality in everyday life:
1) Eat more vegetables than you think you need:

  • An abundance of naturally occurring nutrients is the body’s best friend. 
  • Include all of the colours not just the greens.

2) Stop chasing balance:

  • The seeking of balance is exhausting and increases stress hormones.
  • Accept that sometimes we have more time and other times we do not > Flow.

3) Take 3 full and deep breaths before getting out of bed in the morning:

  • Waking up stressed can produce a sluggish digestion which promotes tiredness.
  • Breathing deeply in the morning starts the day on a positive note.

4)  Declutter your home:

  • An excess in unused items stimulates parts of the brain associated with stress. 
  • According to Feng Shui clutter blocks energy flow and can promote stagnation.

5) Drink water regularly throughout the day:

  • Water is essential for every body process.
  • Just a 5% fluid loss in the body can cause headaches, tiredness and irritability.

I look forward to sharing so much more with you this weekend, I would love to see you there!
Sharon xx
Full Body Revival ~ A Nourishing & Energy Boosting Experience {Sat, Sept 22}
Bookings: www.kulayoga.com.au/workshops


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