As December officially kicks off next week and we enter the festive season, for many this brings as much stress as it does tinsel. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this is suppose to be a time of sharing and celebrating with family & friends, as we become inundated with last minute deadlines, crowds, crazy gift shopping, social engagements, and even dealing with difficult relatives.
To beat the ‘silly season’ we share our top soulful tips to staying calm:
Maintain a consistent practice.
Whether it’s yoga & meditation or some other form of exercise, the best way to stay stress free over the silly season is to stay healthy. So keep up your practice. Not only does it boost your immune system and counteract the over indulging, it will keep you calm and better able to deal with stressful situations.
Plan ahead & lock it into your schedule.
From exercise to shopping, last minute deadlines to work parties, family time to travel arrangements, make sure you plan ahead so you don’t get overwhelmed. Even if you’re not generally a “planner”, adopt a schedule for the next month or two just to keep on top of life and the unforeseeable that crops up along the way. Your nervous system will thank you!
Focus on what matters most.
Remember that this is suppose to be a time of sharing, giving and spending time with loved ones. We know that the commercial side of the festive season is difficult to avoid, but remember that what matters most is spending time with family & friends.
Surround yourself with positive energy.
The festive season can bring out the best and the worst in people. Be sure to surround yourself with positive energy, limit your time with negative people and focus on spending time with those who lift you up and remind you what this time of the year is all about.
Take time out for you.
Unfortunately we can’t always avoid the chaos that accompanies the silly season no matter what we do, but we can address the stress. So make sure you take regular ‘breathers’ for your body & mind. Take a walk, enjoy coffee with a friend, book a massage or practice a short meditation. It could just be 5 minutes out of your day, but the benefits will be profound.
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Sweat, stretch & smile!
Team Kula


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