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What do we seek when it comes down to it all? C⎊nnection. Whether it be connection with self, deity, spirituality, nature, each other, illusion, knowledge, truth, love… It’s a desire to connect.
Did you know that if we took all 7.3 billion of us here on earth and removed the space between every sub-atomic particle in our body and then compressed all the remaining matter together, we would be left with something the size of a super-dense sugar cube! Contemplating this, I came to realise that ‘matter’ really doesn’t matter, what does matter is all the space in between, the unseen forces and energies binding it all together, each particle connecting to each other to form intricate whirling and vibrating universes of you, me, and all that is around us infinitely!
I came to understand the interconnectedness of everything. That I am a part of something so immense it is unfathomable, that you are a part of this as well, as is everything that is around us and within us. We are all ⎊ne.
As a Digital Shaman, I seek to awaken within others an awareness of these ‘subtle energies’, also known as chakras, energy meridians and chi. Through ‘Immersive C⎊ntemplations’, I take people on a blind-folded J⎊urney removing the distractions of one sense so others may be heightened and attuned to feel these subtle energies. I’d love to tell you more about what happens in these sessions, but I can’t, and everyone who has participated in them have also been sworn to secrecy. Just like me, they want you to experience ‘Immersive Contemplations’ unfettered and free. It is for you and for your J⎊urney. It is for us and for our J⎊urney.
For the first part of this immersive, I will be collaborating with Ashley Dunlop who will lead us in a blind-folded yoga practice exploring the interrelated energies within us. Ashley is so perfect for this, she has such a beautiful balanced energy that shines like pure sunlight!
Also sharing in the energetic work is Joti Gore affectionately known as The Naked Shaman, and he is a master at stripping away any illusions we may cling to so that we can stand in our truth.
And finally, leading you through this J⎊urney will be me, Michael Keene Chin, your Digital Shaman. You can read stuff about me presenting at Wanderlust, TEDx, Vivid, Burning Seed, globe-trotting, whatever. That doesn’t really ‘matter’, all that matters to me is this work, to help others understand the interconnectedness of everything, that we are all ⎊ne, and that you are never alone, only if you choose to be.
So let’s c⎊nnect…
Immersive C⎊ntemplations • Melbourne
Immersive C⎊ntemplations • Singapore