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If you live in the Boroondara area, you’re probably within walking distance of a few yoga studios. But how do you choose the best yoga studio? We’ve scoured the studios, from Camberwell to Hawthorn and have compiled a list of what you should always look for in a yoga studio.


Because there are so many yoga classes available in the Camberwell area, you should always expect expert teachers. Most studios go through rigorous training and hiring processes to ensure students are offered to most inspiring (and sweaty!) classes. Look for friendly, professional and accessible teachers at whichever studio you visit.


Sometimes you just walk into a space and feel at home. The best yoga studio for you should match your personality and health goals. You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you feel a sense of community and connection.


Any studio you visit should be clean and inviting. Large, spacious and airy studios welcome a sense of freedom and connection. Explore the studios in your area and find one that makes you feel comfortable.


You should be able to find a yoga studio that offers classes that work within your schedule. In addition, check online or visit the studio to explore which styles of class will suit you best. Maybe you’re looking to lose weight and gain muscle- check the schedule for Power yoga classes and speak to the staff about what you’re looking for in a studio. Perhaps you want to calm your busy mind and chill- look for Yin or Restorative yoga classes.


Hot yoga is hugely beneficial both as a way to detoxify the body and gain flexibility. If you’re after heated yoga classes, be sure to check what kind of heating your studio uses. We recommend FIR heating as it warms the body from inside out- the heat isn’t humid or sticky! It feels more like a sunny day in the studio space.