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Beginner’s Yoga Class Camberwell


Finding a yoga studio (or a gym that offers yoga classes) in the Camberwell or Hawthorn area isn’t hard. But finding the right style to fit your health and fitness goals means sorting through all the options.

Do you want a dynamic style like Hot Yoga or Vinyasa Flow to strengthen and energise? Or do you want a restorative class like Yin Yoga to stretch and relax? 

As the largest yoga studio in the area to help you strengthen, energise, release & thrive ~ we recommend starting with Slow Flow.

Who is it for?

Slow Flow classes are perfect for beginners or those looking to revisit alignment and technique. For those new to a yoga practice, it’s so important to understand the foundational poses in order to transition to other more dynamic and heated styles. Slow Flow yoga classes are great for those who want to learn yoga in a safe and welcoming environment. 

What should I bring?

Bring along a yoga mat or hire one at the studio. Wear comfortable, stretchy and breathable workout clothes. Always let the instructor know if you’re new to yoga as well as any injuries or recent surgeries. New students at Kula can take advantage of our Introduction Offer ‘6 Classes for $50’.

What to expect?

You’ll learn how to safely move through a yoga class, which muscle groups to engage and how to properly align your body in different poses. We work through thorough warm ups, core strengthening exercises, Sun Salutations, twists, backbends and breath work- with detailed explanations and cuing.

What are the benefits of the style?

There is nothing more valuable than correct technique in a yoga class. Anyone can benefit from a Slow Flow class- yoga newbies, advanced practitioners, or those looking to return to yoga after some time away. By revisiting the basics, you’ll leave with a refreshed and renewed outlook on your practice.

ready to get started?

Enjoy our ‘2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga for $55’ for newcomers to the studio. And if Slow Flow doesn’t suit your schedule, no problem. All of our other styles can be modified to your current ability too. Feel free to contact us with any questions, otherwise click on the link to sign up.   

Enjoy 3 Weeks Yoga For $75

Intro Offer - Unlimited in-studio and online

*Conditions apply


If you live in the Camberwell area and would like to join our studio you are welcome to sign up for our introductory offer and enjoy ‘6 Classes for $50’.

Riversdale Road is the easiest way to reach the Hawthorn studio from Camberwell Junction. You’ll find parking in the surrounding streets or directly out front of the studio.


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