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We love exploring yoga poses to strengthen and lengthen our bodies. This blog post will go over two of our favourite lunging yoga poses ~ Warrior One and Warrior Two.

Yoga Beginner’s Guide: Warrior One & Two Poses

Warrior One

First, start in the mountain pose. With control, step your left foot back around 1 metre. Then put it down at a 45-degree angle. Your front knee is bent deeply over the top of your front ankle, and your back leg is strong and straight. Your hips and shoulders are square to the front of the room. Both arms are reaching overhead, palms facing each other, shoulders down and relaxed.

You can transition from Warrior One into Warrior Two.

Warrior Two 

From Warrior One pose, open your arms out so that your right hand is reaching forward and your left hand is reaching back. Your left foot now switches form 45 to 90 degrees as your body opens out to the side of the room. Keep your shoulders stacked over your hips and your gaze over the front hand. Your front knee is still bent deeply over the front ankle, back leg straight.

Visit Us at Kula Yoga

If you’re looking to try these poses for yourself you can visit us at Kula Yoga Hawthorn & Hampton. We have classes for all levels and a range of yoga styles to choose from. Warrior One and Two are often featured in our Flow, Slow Flow and Hot Yoga classes.

We offer beginner yoga classes and also Yoga Melbourne to help you develop your practice. Types are for all levels. We have beginners yoga as well as advanced students attending our classes.

We offer 2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga For $55 (in-studio & online) for newcomers to our community.

We’ll look forward to meeting you soon, Team Kula