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What is so good about practising yoga when you’re pregnant?

Prenatal yoga is a great way for pregnant mums to stay active and healthy during their pregnancy. It has a range of benefits, both physical and mental, that can help mums throughout their pregnancy journey.

One of the main benefits of prenatal yoga is that it helps to keep the body strong and flexible. This can help to reduce the risk of injury, particularly when the baby grows and the mum’s centre of gravity shifts. It also helps to keep the muscles toned and strong, which can help to reduce back pain.

Prenatal yoga also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It encourages deep breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, which can help mums to feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed by the changes that pregnancy brings. It can also help to improve focus and concentration, which is important for mums as they prepare for their baby’s arrival.

On top of the physical and mental benefits, practising yoga during pregnancy can also help mums to connect with their bodies and their babies. By doing gentle movements, mums are able to focus on their breath and the way their bodies move. This can help to build a strong connection between the mum and her baby, which can be beneficial for both during the pregnancy.

Overall, prenatal yoga is an excellent way for mums to stay healthy and connected to their bodies during pregnancy. It has a range of physical, mental and emotional benefits that can help mums to feel their best during their pregnancy journey.

If you’d like to try Pregnancy Yoga from the comfort of your own home we have a wonderful Online Course with our resident expert Emily guiding you through a 6 part series. Here is the link for more information. 

We hope you enjoy it!

Kacey & Team Kula