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One of the first lessons we learn through our practice is that yoga is not a competition. If that’s true, than why do some studios offer yoga challenges? For us at Kula, we host several month-long yoga challenges each year to help you establish a regular yoga practice, get your body fitter and mind clearer. The only person  you’ll be in competition with is yourself.
What is a yoga challenge?
At our studio, we invite students to join a 30 Day Challenge based around a certain theme. Next month our challenge is all about yoga and meditation, learning how to reduce mind clutter and also turn our physical (asana) practice into a moving meditation for the soul. Students are encouraged to practice every single day, for 30 days! Obviously if you can’t make it to the studio each day, you can do more than one class per day to reach a total of 30 classes/ meditation sessions within the given timeframe. We offer 37 classes each week to fit any schedule, and challengers are encouraged to practice a mix of Hot, Power, Basics (great to boost fitness levels) and Yin for recovery.
Why join a yoga challenge?

  • Feel connected: When you join a yoga challenge at Kula, you join a community of like-minded students and teachers all working towards a common goal. 30 classes in 30 days in difficult! Your teachers are always available for guidance, support, questions and commentary. During the challenge Kula creates a special Facebook group where you’re welcome to post about how you’re going, offer tips, ask for advice, even request poses or certain songs!
  • Get stronger: Yoga is an excellent way to tone, strengthen and energise. Moving your body through 30 classes will assist in weight loss, detoxification, and the ease in which you move through yoga postures. Do you do other sports in addition to yoga? A challenge can also help improve fitness performance.
  • Reduce anxiety: We know that when we step on the mat, we’re in for more than a physical challenge. Our mind can easily get overwhelmed with to-do lists, difficult conversations or stress. Through all our yoga challenges, in particular this yoga and meditation challenge, you’ll learn how to use breath in order to focus and clear your thoughts.
  • Establish a regular practice: At the end of your challenge you will have accomplished a huge goal. After a month of non-stop yoga, you won’t be able to quit! Joining a challenge is the best way to start a consistent yoga practice that is easier to continue.

Learn more about our upcoming 30 Day Challenge: Yoga & Meditation. Book in studio or sign up online!


About the author: Miranda Raimon is a yoga instructor, Kula studio manager and freelance health & wellness writer from the San Francisco Bay Area.