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Yoga is a great way to build strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Learning the basics of yoga is key to ensure you have a safe and effective practice.

When it comes to vinyasa flow, it’s important to focus on your breath and keep it steady and strong. Make sure to move with purpose and smoothly transition between poses.

Standing balances are a great way to build strength and stability. Aim to keep your core engaged and your spine long as you hold the posture. Be sure to keep your weight evenly distributed and focus on your breath.

Backbends are a great way to open your heart and chest. Aim to keep your spine long and move with control as you arch your back.

Arm balances can be tricky but with practice, they can be incredibly rewarding. Be sure to engage your core as you move into the pose.

Finally, lunging warrior poses are a great way to build strength in your legs. Make sure to keep your hips and shoulders in alignment and your spine long as you move into the pose.

Remember to listen to your body and focus on correct body positioning to prevent injuries and build a strong foundation for your practice. Above all, enjoy your practice and have fun!

If you’d like an alignment audit we have a wonderful Online Course with Kula Yoga’s Founder Kacey Smith. It’s a 6 part series, with bonus mini practice, introducing you to the foundations and alignment of vinyasa flow yoga.

It’s perfect for those new to yoga or experienced yogis wishing to revisit their technique.

Here is the link to ‘Yoga 101’ for more details.

Enjoy! Team Kula