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“Kula” is an ancient sanskrit term that means ‘community of the heart’. It is a group coming together of their own free will; an intentional clan, tribe or family.
Part of our Kula Tribe is connecting with the local community. Each month we engage with a different local business as a way of encouraging our members to get to know their local area. It also allows these local businesses to get to know our members.
We are spoilt for choice in the Hawthorn area with a plethora of excellent cafes at our fingertips. Of course we’re particularly fond of our long time neighbours, Lights In The Attic
lights-in-the-attic-1We’re excited that the crew at Lights In The Attic have agreed to come on board as our local business of the month for February, offering a sweet deal for our Kula Tribe members. Their coffee is second to none, food is unique and delicious, they provide a wonderful chic atmosphere and are always inviting as you walk through the door.
Executive Manager, Kevin Lee, is passionate about creating an atmosphere that is anything but commercial. He’s also a veteran in the business with a number of fares in the wider Melbourne area, including the recently opened Crux & Co in Melbourne’s East.
With their friendly, professional staff and extensive menu, we highly recommend popping across the road post yoga for a bite to eat of quick coffee.
Why Kula Tribe?
We value community above all else at Kula and are proud of the wonderful community we’ve created, both through our students, teachers and out in the local area. We are also pleased to be able to provide a membership that offers not only the best value, but the opportunity to embrace this community.
If you’re not sure if Kula Tribe is for you, have a chat with one of our wonderful teachers to discuss your options. However, if you’re practicing at the studio 2 or more times a week then Kula Tribe is the most valuable option we have. We’d love to have you onboard this growing community, so head to our online store to learn more.
We look forward to seeing you on your mat and out in the greater community!
Team Kula
Kula Yoga has a beautiful hot yoga studio on Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn, Melbourne. Kula offers ‘Hot Yoga’ classes for detoxification, dynamic power yoga ‘Flow Yoga’ as well as a gentle ‘Light Yin Yoga’ option. Beginners through to advanced students are welcome to all classes. Kula also provides prenatal & postnatal yoga classes, and provides Melbourne workplaces with group corporate yoga programs to build employee health, fitness and wellbeing, and school yoga programs. Kula also runs an annual ‘Kula Cruise’ yoga retreat sailing from Bali to Lombok & the Gili Islands. Find out more on our website www.kulayoga.com.au.  Or follow us:
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