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 A Yoga Movement, Philosophy & Traditions Workshop

with Sharon Brooks

One of the most common questions I am asked as a yoga teacher is how many times per week we should practice yoga. Of course every individual is different. However my usual response, is practice once a week to clear the head from that day, practice three times a week to change the body, five times a week to impact your life and every day to change your world.
Upon hearing my suggestion of a daily practice, most individuals presume I mean a physical practice on the mat. The physical practice of yoga, termed asana in sanskrit, will only take us so far in our yoga journey. Of course there are incredible benefits to the physical practice, which I would never undermine. A few of these include greater spinal mobility, muscular hypertrophy/growth, strengthened bone density, enhanced elimination of toxins and impurities and reduction of stress hormone circulation.
However, when it comes to the ultimate potential of yoga, its ability to modify our thought processes, breathing rate, reaction to triggers and in achieving our full potential in body and mind, a physical practice alone is insufficient.
You see the ultimate practice of yoga is not in the physical postures which modern yoga tends to hero. Rather the actual practice of yoga is a deep awareness of ourselves, where the limitations of our ego are superseded by a higher level of consciousness that allows our true self to blossom and thrive in all settings.
The true practice of yoga or when we are ‘in’ yoga is when the world around us is chaotic but our internal constitution remains centred and whole. Of course life presents challenges, demands and pulls us in various conflicting areas. We also all have tendencies that predispose us to certain behaviours; but with the integration of subtle practices such as meditation, breathing exercises and concentration activities, we give our self permission to (eventually) transcend into an awakened state of bliss and ultimate potential.
In my own personal practice, through the integration of targeted breathing activities, concentration challenges and purposeful meditations, inclusive of asana, I have noticed an incredibly impactful shift in my life. It is difficult to articulate the transformation and I would never say I have reached enlightenment, however, what I can say for certain is the quality of my life, opportunities, flow and direction are smooth; even amongst catastrophes and hiccups that are commonplace in life.
It is for this reason I am so excited to present the workshop ‘Yoga On and Off the Mat’.
Join me this Saturday 24th March for an uplifting session that encompasses physical movement and the deliciousness of loving meditations, grounding breathing activities and concentration exercises to harness focus.
The ultimate goal is achieving joy in life.
I can’t wait and I’d love to see you there xx
About Sharon: Sharon is a Registered Nutritionist with 13 years industry experience, with a passion and drive to enhance the wellness of others though health, nutrition and yoga. In 2014 Sharon completed 200hr yoga teacher training with Power Living in order to integrate yoga into her wellness business. She has since completed Advanced Assisting, Level 2 and Level 3 Vinyasa Teaching with Duncan Peak, a Mastery of Yoga Teaching with Troy Abraham and Yin Yoga Teaching with Hugh Lee. Sharon believes the benefits of yoga are immense and varied if we are willing and open to receive. We are able to unlock our full potential through regular practice, which Sharon seeks to encourage in classes through breath awareness, physical challenges and philosophy.
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