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Companies offer programs like Kula Yoga to attract and reward loyal employees. Yoga sessions are also much more productive than ‘Friday night drinks’, and contribute to a healthy and positive workplace. Yoga reduces sickness, revives the mind and boosts productivity.

Kula Yoga programs can either be self-funded by the participants, or paid for by their company. Companies may choose to fund the entire program, or offer to subsidise employee contributions.

Workplace Yoga Package
8 weeks in duration
45 – 60 min session
Certified Yoga Teacher
Yoga mat hire
1 session per week
 $150 per session
 Max no. of participants: 20

Options and choices

Kula Yoga provides rental mats for the duration of both programs, however many participants choose to purchase their own mats from Kula Yoga at the special rate of $20.

The maximum number of participants is 20 however two or more groups can be formed if you have a lot of interest.

Lunch break sessions are usually 45 minutes in duration, and classes before or after work are more suited to 60 minutes.

We can also offer meditation and massage services as part of your Kula Yoga program. Or invite us to liven up your next conference or corporate event with stretch breaks or chair yoga exercises.

Do your staff struggle to concentrate during conferences and events? Do they fidget or get distracted easily? Do they get tense or sore from sitting all day?

Is it time to liven them up and help them find focus and energy?

Kula Yoga brings fun and positive energy into conference environments:

Invite us to lead your staff, or clients, through an energising chair yoga warm up session to help them start the event fresh and focused .
We can also come in to take stretch breaks throughout the conference to ease tense bodies and clear busy minds.

Kula Yoga can bring mats to the conference and offer participants an inspirational yoga class before or after the event. The class can be matched to your conference theme – eg. Team building, Embracing Change, Finding Balance or Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone.
We can organise corporate retreats for small groups of staff to reward and re-energise your team.
In addition to yoga we can also offer meditation, massage and pilates.
You’ll wonder why you didn’t call us in sooner!

Event Options:
Chair Yoga & Stretch Breaks
Minimum Fee—$250.

This covers 60 mins of chair yoga or stretch break instruction at your event.

If you would like this broken up into 10— 20 min segments over the course of the event please add $40 for every extra hour the instructor needs to be on site to cover the time extension.

Event Yoga Class
Minimum fee—$250.

This covers 60 minutes of yoga class instruction to your staff or clients. We are happy to match the class to the theme of your event.

Maximum of 20 participants. Yoga mats provided.

For larger groups we can provide extra instructors or break the group into multiple classes. Extra fees will apply.

Corporate Retreats
Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements for a revitalising corporate retreat.

Additional Services
We also provide meditation, massage and pilates services. Please contact us directly for a quote based on your needs.

Are you ready to call Kula Yoga in to liven up your next corporate event? Contact us here.

How can Kula Yoga programs benefit my workplace?
Yoga has amazing physical and mental benefits including:

Lowering stress levels – Improving concentration & focus
Reducing pain – Increasing strength & mobility
Combating fatigue – Boosting energy levels
Lessening sickness – Building the immune system
Yoga is also a group activity that builds teams and strengthens relationships.

My staff can’t even touch their toes! Can they still participate?
Yes! All ages and abilities are able to participate and enjoy the benefits of yoga.
Kula Yoga programs are tailored to the individual needs of the group.
Modifications and variations will be offered in each class to ensure all levels are catered for.
Our goal is to ensure all participants enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga, even if they are a beginner, or an advanced student.

What type of yoga does Kula Yoga teach?
The highly qualified Kula Crew most commonly teach Hatha Vinyasa which synchronises movement with breath:

– The class will start with a warm up sequence to initiate mobility and create internal heat, followed by some poses that are held to stretch and strengthen the body.
– All parts of the body will be targeted during the practise.
– The class will conclude with breathing exercises and relaxation. This will calm the central nervous system and lower your stress levels – leaving your employees in utter bliss!

What will we need?
Kula Yoga provides rental mats for the workplace classes, however if your staff would like one to keep they can be purchased from Kula at the special rate of $20. Then they can take their mat home with them and share yoga with their friends and family!

They will also need comfortable clothing that allows a range of movement – fitness attire such as shorts, tracksuit pants or leggings with an appropriate top is great. We kick off our shoes and socks to practise yoga so no footwear is needed. A water bottle and towel is also recommended.

Where will the Yoga sessions be held?
Kula Yoga brings health and wellbeing to your workplace. Choose an area that is isolated, so your staff will not be disturbed. Large, quiet boardrooms, common rooms or meeting rooms with furniture moved aside are great.

The amount of space needed will depend on the number of staff participating. A good rule of thumb is to allow for roughly 2 square metres (21 square feet) for every participant. This estimate easily takes into account a 60 cm x 170 cm mat for each person with room to move.

Although it is preferable for the yoga classes to be held at your workplace, you may find there is no suitable space available. If you are having trouble accessing space for your workplace program, Kula Yoga can help source an external space close to your workplace. Please keep in mind that this will usually involve an extra fee to cover the room hire for the duration of the program.

If you have more questions, please talk to us! We love hearing from you – Contact us at Kula Yoga headquarters.

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