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The 3 P's in Arm Balancing Yoga Poses

In our power flow classes at Kula Yoga Camberwell we have the opportunity to work towards arm balances in the practice. However in a regular class we generally don’t get enough time to really dig in and learn all of the in’s and out’s of arm balancing poses. If...

3 Yoga Poses to Detox During Holidays

  The silly season has officially hit! During this time of year, we’re all busy scheduling last minute trips, organising holiday parties and perhaps even (over) indulging in sweets and treats. It’s easy to let yoga and fitness fall to the bottom of your to-do...

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

So you’ve decided to take the spiritual plunge and try your first yoga class. The most common questions asked here at Kula are about trying yoga for the first time. We rounded up some expert tips for beginners looking to try yoga.   Which one? There are so many...