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The Key to Balance in Arm Balancing Yoga Poses

The Key to Balance in Arm Balancing Yoga Poses

Balance: There are many different ways to describe and define balance. I chose this definition as it translates directly into what we are trying to achieve with arm balances. noun A state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight. Take crow for...

The Cool Factor

Kula Yoga’s Collin Poole sounds off about celebrating our accomplishments, both on and off the mat: Inevitably when you practice arm balances there will be a moment when you say to yourself, “Holy crap that was cool!”  Arm balances definitely look amazing, but...

Face Plant Asana 101

Kula Yoga instructor Collin Poole has been practicing yoga for more than 12 years, giving her ample time to dabble in the world of arm balancing. Below, Collin shares her insight on falling and failing. When embarking on the challenge of learning arm balancing, it’s...