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Finding Your Rhythm & Flow Through Yoga

Finding Your Rhythm & Flow Through Yoga

Yoga give us a space and time to journey to the simplicity of breath and movement and connecting with ourselves. ~ Jill Conyers What does it mean to live in flow? Flow is often described as a mental state where people experience complete…

Updates At Kula Yoga For 2020

Updates At Kula Yoga For 2020

https://kulayoga.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/IMG_0276.mp4 We have been busy behind the scenes making plans for the studios as we head towards 2020. As always, we are committed to offering the best services & value, and continuing to provide a quality yoga...
Finding Humility On The Yoga Mat

Finding Humility On The Yoga Mat

If yoga is practiced as it was intended, ‘a journey to the self’, then it is a practice that can never truly be mastered. When we approach our practice with curiosity and humility, we open ourselves to new insights. When we embrace these new insights we...
Positivity Is My Power

Positivity Is My Power

This year at Kula we are focusing our monthly themes on positive affirmations or ‘powers’, with the intention that every positive thought is a powerful step in the right direction towards health & wellness. Each month is an opportunity to positively influence our brains through…

Revive Your Body

It seems the most common modern day disease is busy-ness. There is so much pressure and struggle to achieve, complete the to-do list, attend appointments on time whilst negotiating Melbourne traffic, prepare healthy school snacks for the kids, eat healthily, look good...