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Explore The Breath Through Yoga

Explore The Breath Through Yoga

The practice of yoga is an art and science dedicated to creating union between the body, mind and spirit. These eight steps basically act as a guideline on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Pranayama or breath is the fourth of these 8 steps and a vital...
Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and realise that if you support both your immune system and your nervous system, it’s unlikely you’ll get sick. At Kula we are blessed to have wonderful yoga teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and...
Finding Humility On The Yoga Mat

Finding Humility On The Yoga Mat

If yoga is practiced as it was intended, ‘a journey to the self’, then it is a practice that can never truly be mastered. When we approach our practice with curiosity and humility, we open ourselves to new insights. When we embrace these new insights we...

Why Consistency Is Key For Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is like anything that’s good for you, the more regularly you do it the more beneficial it will be. Of course you’ll feel the difference after a single session, but the value of a consistent practice is in its holistic benefits. The real power of a...

Expand Your Horizons Through Yoga

“Pranayama {breath} literally means the agama – expansion or manifestation – of prana. Prana is the vital energy of the universe.” ~ Swami Rami  Contrary to it’s literal meaning {the act of becoming larger or more extensive}...