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Studio Theme June: Samadhi ~ Enlightenment

Our hope in providing a studio theme at Kula each month is to deepen your understanding of the philosophy behind yoga, so you can start living yoga both on and off the mat. This year we will be exploring the traditional 8 Limbs of Yoga. The practice of yoga is an art...

OM Away From Home: Studio Yoga vs. Gym Yoga

If you live in the Camberwell or Hawthorn area, you’ll know that we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to yoga. From big box gyms to boutique yoga studios, you can Namaste in different ways- so how do you decide where to practice yoga? We’ve compiled a list of what...

I love a nice Hot Yoga class – Meet Kula Yogi Jordan

Building a connection between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio.“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Our Camberwell yoga studio is a space where people can connect, share and grow....