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Exploring Passion On & Off The Mat

Exploring Passion On & Off The Mat

Like anything in life, your yoga practice should always be a work in progress. It will ebb and flow, feel amazing one minute and challenging the next. It’s this opportunity for continual growth, and that potential to ignite your inner passion, that makes the...
Explore The Magic Of Sound With Stephanie Jackowski

Explore The Magic Of Sound With Stephanie Jackowski

You see them weekly in studio. They guide you through your practice & continually inspire you on the mat. But how well do you really KNOW your Kula teachers 🙂 Stephanie Jackowski is our resident singer and sound goddess! Her classes are nurturing and soothing for...
Exploring Mindfulness Through Yoga

Exploring Mindfulness Through Yoga

Whilst ‘mindfulness’ may seem like the latest buzz word around at the moment, it is definitely not a new thing. In fact, it’s a concept that does not even need to be taught as it is essentially innate in all of us. Mindfulness is the basic human...

Yoga On and Off The Mat

 A Yoga Movement, Philosophy & Traditions Workshop with Sharon Brooks One of the most common questions I am asked as a yoga teacher is how many times per week we should practice yoga. Of course every individual is different. However my usual response, is practice...