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Kula Connection- Courtney

“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Our studio is a space where people can connect, share and grow. Every day at the studio we meet such amazing souls, working hard towards their health and fitness goals. During our 30...

4 Reasons to Practice Yoga This Winter

Once it gets chilly, we’d all rather cuddle up on the couch watching Netflix rather than go to yoga. Before you decide to go into hibernation for good, consider these reasons to unroll your yoga mat when the season gets cooler.   1. Our heated yoga studio is...

Meditation for Beginners

Think meditation isn’t for you? Not sure how to start? Leanne from Revive Holistic (located inside Kula Yoga) gives a run down about meditation and how to bring mindfulness into our everyday lives.   What Is Mindfulness Meditation?   Mindfulness...