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Breath: FAQ

Breathe is such an important aspect of yoga. Kula instructor Haydn answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding breath and our practice, as well as how to use breathe to deepen and connect. Q: What does vinyasa mean? A: Vinyasa means breath with...

A Bendy Solution

Kula Yoga instructor, certified Naturopath and founder of Nutrition & Yoga Co. Amelia Schrader, filled us in on why backbends could be the solution to modern day life.    Observations Backbends could be considered the counter pose to modern day living. So...

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

So you’ve decided to take the spiritual plunge and try your first yoga class. The most common questions asked here at Kula are about trying yoga for the first time. We rounded up some expert tips for beginners looking to try yoga.   Which one? There are so many...