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Welcome to Kula Yoga

Do you need to…

– Lower stress levels > improve concentration and focus?
– Reduce pain > increase strength and mobility?
– Combat fatigue > boost energy levels?
– Lessen sickness > build the immune system?
– Improve heath > eliminate toxins and waste?

Or even if you just want to come into class to sweat, stretch and smile, you have come to the right place.

Our light-filled, spacious Yoga studios in Hawthorn & Hampton offer a range of Yoga styles to suits your needs:

Hot Yoga to detoxify & energise
Flow to tone & sculpt
Slow Flow classes to strengthen & stretch
Yin Yoga for mobility & relaxation
Prenatal/Postnatal for mamas to be and new mothers.
Yoga With Baby for mums to move and bond with their bubs.

We offer the Boroondara & Bayside communities of Melbourne the convenience of over 62 classes a week to choose from, so all of you beginners, Yin Yoga south east Melbourne lovers, inner city Yoga indulgers, bayside yogis and Hot Yoga eastern suburbs Melbourne enthusiasts we have you covered. We have a mix of options to suit all Yoga lovers including but not limited to: Hot Flow Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, alternative to Bikram Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga and more. 


  • All of our studio classes are 60 minutes long, except for ‘Flow Plus’, ‘Flow & Yin’ and ‘Yoga & Meditation’ classes which are 75 minutes.
  • All of our classes are led by friendly and approachable certified yoga teachers.

You will practice in stunning studio spaces providing an uplifting environment.


  • Health benefits of Hot Yoga from specialised far infrared ray (FIR) heating panels in the large, elevated studios.
  • Enjoy fantastic natural light, wooden flooring, full length mirrors and surround sound systems.

We also host a variety of Yoga retreats throughout the year all over Australia, our Yoga retreat participants come from all over Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else around Australia. We offer a range of styles such as a Yin Yoga retreat, Meditation, Yoga Flow and everything else zen. Check out our retreat page and learn more: click here



You are welcome to access the modern change rooms, showers and bathroom facilities, as well as lockers for belongings.


Complimentary herbal tea is available before or after class to sip and enjoy in our comfortable lounge area.


We are a plastic-bottle-free-zone, so please bring your reusable bottles with you. We have filtered water available to fill them up before class.

Experienced Teachers


What are the benefits of Kula Yoga classes?

Yoga has amazing physical and mental benefits including:

  • Lowering stress levels > improving concentration and focus
  • Reducing pain > increasing strength and mobility
  • Combating fatigue > boosting energy levels
  • Lessening sickness > building the immune system
  • Improving heath > eliminating toxins and waste

Our Hot Yoga classes also promote detoxification and deep cleansing.

What type of yoga does Kula Yoga teach?

The highly qualified Kula Yoga teachers lead our students through 3 types of classes:

Hot – Our Hot Yoga class is a detoxifying, revitalising sequence of postures with specific timing and alignment. We turn the heat up to 35 degrees to allow the body to open up and find depth while promoting the elimination of toxins. Rather than a static sequence like Bikram Yoga we offer a slow flow with vinyasa movements.

Flow – A dynamic, flowing class in a balmy 27 degree room. A faster paced class to tone and sculpt your body while synchronising breath with movement to leave you energised and rejuvenated.

Slow Flow – A class to strengthen and stretch in a regular temperature room. A slow vinyasa flow to focus on correct alignment to build a strong foundation. Perfect for those new to yoga or wanting a slower paced class without the heat.

Yin – Yin Yoga is a meditative, static practice, with long, deep stretching and holds to work into joint mobility. Perfect for those wanting a class to unwind – enjoyed in a welcoming, regular temperature room.

Prenatal/Postnatal – A class specially catered to new mothers and mothers-to-be. Prenatal or pregnancy yoga helps to alleviate back and body pains associated with a growing belly. Postnatal yoga helps to rebuild, restabilise and reconnect with the body.

Can I extend my class pass or transfer it to someone else?

Unfortunately not. Our yoga passes are non-transferable and they can’t be extended. We offer a discounted price for the multi-class passes and a generous time frame to use them.  The terms and conditions are clearly on display at reception and on the website when you purchase your passes.  Our team are on hand to help you work out the best membership option for you to avoid this situation. For example, our casual classes are drop in, with no ongoing commitment.

What is your minimum age for participation?

14 is our minimum age however 14-16 year olds must be joined by their parent/guardian in the class with them. From the age of 17 students can attend solo. Of course our teenage students will also be able to take advantage of our concession membership prices.

Where are you located?

We have 2 studios, Hawthorn studio is located at Level 1, 259A Auburn Road, Hawthorn in Melbourne.  We are not far from Camberwell Junction. We service the local Boroondara fitness community with students visiting from the surrounding suburbs of Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Kew, Richmond, Surrey Hills, Balwyn, Canterbury and Glen Iris.

Hampton studio is located at Level 1, 3/345 Hampton Street, Hampton VIC 3188. Entrance at REAR of building via Willis Lane


What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

Check out this blog post which explains all the benefits of hot yoga and FIR heating.

I’m a beginner, I can’t even touch my toes! Can I still participate?

Yes!  All abilities are able to participate and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Kula Yoga provides modifications and variations in all classes to ensure all levels are catered for.

Our goal is to ensure all participants enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga, even if they are a beginner, or an advanced student.

What will I need?

For our classes you will need a yoga mat, towel and water bottle. If you have them bring them along with you. If not, don’t worry as we have rental mats available at the studio to hire for $1 per class.

We also have bath towels available for rental, at the rate of $2 per class. A towel is a necessity for our ‘hot’ classes, as you are guaranteed to sweat.

For environmental reasons we have chosen to be a ‘plastic-bottle-free-zone’. This means that we don’t sell bottled water at the studio. We encourage all students to use a reusable, BPA-free, metal or glass water bottle. If you don’t have one, we have Kula bottles for sale at reception for $12. You can use these bottles over and over as they are a reusable and environmentally friendly option.

In regards to clothing, you will need to wear something comfortable that allows a range of movement. Shorts or leggings, with an appropriate top are great options. No footwear is required as we kick off our shoes at the door, and practice yoga barefoot.

Can I practice Hot yoga if I’m pregnant?

Generally Hot classes are not recommended for pregnant women.  We offer one specialised pregnancy/prenatal yoga & postnatal yoga classes on our timetable catered to new mothers and mothers to be. We highly recommend these classes during pregnancy and when returning to exercise after giving birth.

What is the difference between your Hot Yoga classes and Bikram Yoga?

We’ve written a blog post just for you.  Check it out here.

Got more questions about Kula Yoga?

If you have any other questions feel free to get in touch. You can find our contact details by clicking here.

"Stunning studio, warm and welcoming staff and a great range of classes and timetable that suit whatever you need. A beautiful community that I love being part of!"

Jesse W

"There is a sense of community like no other at Kula. Not to mention the space is divine and offers a beautiful practice across varied needs - from restorative to dynamic. I love Kula!"

Monique R

"Kula is a beautiful sanctuary with a warm community vibe. They have a varied range of class styles from Power to Restorative, which accommodate all levels and abilities!"

Sacha F