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Mindfulness: Consciously bringing awareness to your here-and-now experience, with openness, interest and receptiveness. *
Here at Kula we’re gearing up for our 30-day Yoga and Mindfulness Challenge. From Saturday May 3 through to Sunday June 1, we invite students to take a class at the studio each day for the entire month of May, with the support of the entire Kula community. The 30 classes in 30 days during the challenge will be based around being mindful, both during your practice and during your everyday life.
What does being mindful actually mean?
The definition varies from person to person. We believe the root of mindfulness is connecting to the present moment, acting with intention and purpose.
On the mat
In yoga, we can be mindful as we move through our practice by listening to the body. Sometimes it tells us to rest, drop the knees down in our Chaturanga, take a Child’s Pose or Savasana. On the flip side, it means paying attention when the body tells us to move deeper our Warrior 2 pose, to find a bind in our Extended Side Angle. It’s noticing the transitions between each asana and figuring out what feels right for our bodies during the moment. Being mindful could mean following the intention you’ve set for your own practice, as it differs from day to day.
Off the mat
Being mindful in everyday life can translate many different ways; for some it’s de-cluttering, getting back to basics and feeling grateful. For other it could mean unplugging from our technologically driven routine and focusing on what is most important to us. Some find mindfulness through meditation, silently reflecting inwards and focusing on a something that inspires us. Basically, we can be mindful in any way that allows us to re-connect.
Over the next few weeks we will be exploring topics relating to mindfulness and how we can truly feel present. We’d love to hear from you, tell us how you practice being mindful!
*(source: The Happiness Trap)
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